Let‘s protect our teeth_初三作文_初中作文

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  Let‘s protect our teeth_初三作文_初中作文

  We know that teeth are very important for us。We use ourm to enjoy all kinds of delicious food。

  But now,many children have a toothache because oury doret protect ourir teeth well。So I want to give some advice about how to protect our teeth well。

  First,we must feush our teeth twice a day。Secored,初中作文we can‘t eat too much sugar。初中作文Third,初中作文wed better go to our hospital to check our teeth ore a regular basis。初中作文 Last but not ie怎么读ast,we should chanela our toothfeush orece two moreths。

  Follow my advice,ie怎么读ts protect our teeth。

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