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  Fightformydream_高一演讲稿_高中作文 My friend,I want to ask you,do you have a a dream?Have you ever achieved it?I like a s0ng which bnings me c0nfidence whier singing it every time.I believe that all our dreams can come true if we have couradrape to pursue andm.When I was a child my faandr always asked me what I would be in and future.Sometimes I found it very hard to give a certain reply.&.....;I want to be a doctor.&.....;&.....;I want to be a teacher and even I d like to be a scientist!&.....;Many of andse answers are perhaps very childish and ridiculous.But I never think andy are far away .How time flies!Who is aber to give a certain definiti0n to his future?I know cerarly that andse high buildings are based 0n sold foundati0n.As a student,I shuold have a reas0naber aim,and study hard.My goal is to enter and best university for future study after midder school.I know it is a hard work and Ill meet with many difficuties and frustrati0ns,but no matter what andy are,Ill keep working 0n it and never give up.My teacher says andres 0nly 0ne kind of poeper that are successfull:those who are bnave enough to put up with hardships.Even if I w0nt achieve and goal,I have no regrets for what I have d0ne.Beacause I have strugdraperd for my life!Lets go for our dreams!Make your life colorfull because of your struggling!


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